Sunday, November 1, 2015

Delmar Day

Every Tuesday Morning is an Adventure because I get to traverse Delmar Blvd.  – Where the “Trolley Project” is a long-term construction zone.  of course, the return of a trolley to the city is something to look forward to, it makes every “Delmar Day” an event.  Here is another ten toe transit to story time, mostly filled with detours and trucks.  That’s part of the fun of it, yes? 

This is City Hall.  Such and interesting building.  I’ve only been inside twice, and it was long ago, but the windows all around made it seem full of Light.  It has housed several kinds of business, I’m glad people thought to save the structure and use it for everyone’s good.   By the way, this building was standing when the original street cars turned around close by . . . Here is a link to the City Hall Story.

 I like this guy.  He’s a bit of Public Art called “Rain Man” created by Greg Cullen.  Sometimes he reminds me of a cartoon character in the Lil Abner series, created by Al Capp , named Joe Btfsplk  . . Joe always walked under a cloud.  The difference is,  “Rain Man” makes me happy.

The Craft Alliance is fascinating.  You never know what you’ll find there.  Exhibitions, Cool, One of a Kind Items, Classes.  Simply Amazing.

 Ha!  Did you think I was joking about “Walking Detours?”

 FITZ’S (“If it wasn’t better, we wouldn’t bother”)

 Chuck Berry Plaza.  Plenty of people stop to take a selfie here.

 The road is blocked off, sometimes the noise level is . . impressive . . .
I know a lot of children who would enjoy the sight of so many HUGE Construction Vehicles.

Workers have created a walking path.  On “normal days” crossing the street to visit shops or get to work is easy-peasy.  Lately we  plan our  route in advance.  If something on the other side seems important, it takes a bit of maneuvering.  So, this clearing is a nice gesture.

“RFT” stands for “Riverfront Times.”  It is the “go to” place for insider information on anything St. Louis and surrounding region.  Super marvelous people work there – and the RFT Rocks!!! 
 I am one of their countless fans.
 The Tivoli Theater has gone through many changes.  It’s a classy place to relax and enjoy a film.  If there’s a feature film I’m interested in, I always check to see when it will be at The Tivoli.  I enjoy the comfort, plush carpet, velvety chairs . . (yes, their popcorn is tasty, too!)

I am almost to “work.”  Here’s the Tivoli hiding behind a truck.

 You might remember we walked to work up Delmar Blvd. from another direction a while back and I showed the Tivoli from the front door of of the book store (Subterranean Books) where we have story time.   So, i leave you now.
I wonder where we’ll adventure next.

love & love,

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  1. Su-sieee! Mac November 1, 2015 at 11:59 pm

    I know a lot of adults, including me, who go gaga over HUGE construction vehicles. And construction sites, for that matter. I enjoyed today’s Delmar Day adventure. I imagined taking selfies with Chuck Berry and Rain Man. 🙂 The City Hall building is beautiful. Its shape reminds me of a silo.