Friday, January 1, 2016

Chinese Garden

The first day of Winter was surprisingly warm and seemed a great day to visit The Chinese Garden.  It’s official title is “The Margaret Grigg Nanjing Friendship Garden.”  Lovingly referred to as “The Chinese Garden.”  It is one small part of the Missouri Botanical Garden.  You can expect to find many posts about “The Garden” because it is one of my absolute favorite hangouts in St. Louis.
The lush summer look has already disappeared, it’s easy to spot the two guardians along the path.  They grant us passage, with warnings, this is not a place tourists tread right now because construction is going on “behind the scenes.”  So, we can look around undisturbed.
 This garden is referred to as a “Scholar’s Garden.” It’s smaller and informal, a place people can come to share ideas, read and reflect . . . here’s our first peek inside . .
 The garden was built in Nanjing, then in 1996 five experts arrived from China to oversee the actual creation of our Friendship Garden.
 This marble bridge was crafted in Nanjing China, assembled in St. Louis by experts from Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Urban Parks in 1996.

 Inside there are marble bridges and beautiful stone mosaic walkways.
The entire blue stone walkway includes delicate inlay mosaic.

 This fella kept close watch.
 I could image reading, or writing at this stone table . . maybe sipping tea,
 listening to sounds of the day . . . peaceful, yes?
 These stones are nifty.  In this case they are called “Tai Hu Stone,” which tells us where they are from, but doesn’t explain what terrific garden companions they are.  Stones like these are often used in gardens, they are made of limestone, which is softer, so the elements have been able to leave their mark, color changes, holes and shapes give each stone unique character.  They seem to “speak” about place and time.  They can also be referred to as “Scholar Stones.”  One story referred to them as “Philosopher Stones,”  which makes me grin.  There are a few of them standing in this garden.  They are a nice presence.
 Perhaps it is time to say goodbye for today, with a promise to return again in the future.

Thank you for visiting.

Missouri Botanical Garden – 4344 Shaw Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63110

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  1. Su-sieee! Mac January 4, 2016 at 12:28 am

    I like the concept of a garden being started in another country, then when it’s ready is transplanted to its home. A migrating garden. An immigrant garden. And to use rock that is able to adapt, change, and show its new home’s look. Awesome.