Monday, July 18, 2016

Center for Home Gardening

I like to pretend the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening is my home.
The outside is nice.  The entire Center for Home Gardening is on 8.5 Acres.  There are countless projects to see, plenty of ideas to try in your own garden.  Specially trained Master Gardeners are on duty to answer questions.  There is a walk-in Plant Doctor service . . Honest!  if you bring in a sample from your ailing plant. an expert will help with information, tips and advice.  There are classes and oodles of free pamphlets filled with information about anything garden.

This is NOT why I pretend, tough.

There’s a Great Room that always sparks my imagination.
Cozy corner especially nice in winter.  It’s peaceful and quiet on any kind of day.  (But, warming by the fire on a chill day is excellent.)
The walls are windows all around.  Plants preferring different types of light teach us their sunlight preferences.
Here are some morning sun plant-people.
Here is the North Window.  Do you suppose these plants yearn for winter?

Look!  A Tree Living Inside!

 isn’t this wonderful?  A little forest tree, right inside.

Here are plants happier to see the sun set.  (West Window)

Facing South, these are mostly cactus-plants.

Outside, there are lots of home gardening ideas.  before we set outside, let’s check out the tree once more . . .
‘bye for now, baby tree! 

Center for Home Gardening Outside Ideas

 Just stepping out the front door, water features, plantings, in pots or yard, gathering spaces . . .once there was an entire section dedicated to planting around mailboxes.  It was festive.
There are ideas for urban living.  Here’s an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area.
Complete with Grill
Here’s a peek at a teeny urban garden.  There’s seating, a water feature, statuary, super cool trees.  The possibility of a quiet paradise in the middle of crowded city spaces.  (click on photo for expanded view)

Let’s begin walking towards the front gate, okay?

A shaded walk about allows protection for us and shade plants.

These portals give inviting glimpses into other types of garden areas.  Does your yard look like this?

I’m ready to head home.

Let’s pass the Chinese Garden along the way. 

‘bye for now!

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  1. Su-sieee! Mac July 21, 2016 at 1:05 am

    Oh, gosh. I’d love to be one of the people who gets to water those plants.