Monday, December 5, 2016

Overwhelm @ Museum of Transportation

The Museum of Transportation houses a world class collection of transportation vehicles.
Something to catch the eye in every corner.  First, there’s amazement, Then a lot of respect.

We will take a beginning tour today.  I’ll return to add stories and photos of parts of the massive collection.

The project began in the 1940’s. The Transport Museum Association, Museum of Transportation and St. Louis County Parks collaboration.  The museum began using track from 1930 Missouri Pacific railroad.

Excellent Place for Children

Activities for most age groups.  There’s a train that circles the property.  Unlimited Rides with admission wrist band.  There is also a craft station called “Creation Station.”  This is popular with guardians and children.  Registration required because the room becomes packed with happy youngsters.

Excellent Place for Adult “Children”

Automobile show room with displays beginning with wagons and continues through the 20th Century
Pevely Dairy Wagon.  Looks like fun to me.

Trains?  We got ’em!

Union Pacific Railroad #900081
Built in 1966 – Biggest, heaviest rotary snowplow.
kinda scary at first glance
This looks like a great story.

Plenty of opportunity to learn.

A few other things to share today.

Towboat “H.T. Pott”
First Missouri River Towboat with welded steel hull.
Kids enjoy climbing this big fella.
A Dandy!

I’ll simply have to return
too overwhelmed.  need to consider.  will pause for now to think
on this beautiful bench.

2933 Barrett Station Road – St. Louis, MO 63122

If you find me still sitting on this bench, let’s do hot chocolate.  I’ll buy.
love & love,

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