Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Sappington Cemetery

Tiny cemetery sits along a well trafficked road in Crestwood, MO.
Looked after by the City of Crestwood and Daughters of the American Revolution.
The oldest grave dates 1811
Sarah "Sally" Sappington Glenn
wife of Hugh Glen
great grand daughter of Sarah Pottenger
Sarah Pottenger's father immigrated from England around 1665-1685-ish.

There are veterans here from the American Revolution, 
War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War and World War I.

Recently there was a ceremony to honor
John Sappington
recognizing his service as George Washington's body guard 
at Valley Forge.

Many of the markers were made of limestone.  Time has worn them, some still stand with no embellishment, some have broken off and look like stones on the ground. 
I read there are more than 300 buried here.

City of Crestwood
Sappington Cemetery
intersection of Watson Industrial Drive and Watson Road 
Crestwood, MO

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