Friday, March 2, 2018

Dear Waitingle,

Some of our days are wet and cold
A few of our days are Splendid for walks

Sometimes, on Splendid Days,
Mom will walk us where most people don't go.
I like all walks
But, days - around the edges, 
and through woody places
can be thrilling.
Tilles Park isn't the best place during winter because the rangers begin to set up for their Holiday Light Extravaganza.  It raises a lot of money and is important - but the work starts in Fall.  Signs are posted to stay on the road way because of wiring.  The event lasts a couple of weeks, maybe - then a long times passes until all the wires and lights are removed.  
On the first nice days when the lights are gone, 
everyone gets excited, and the park gets a little crowded.
Mom will guide us around "secret places."
She lets me sniff.
I like sniffing.
(Someday I'll ask her to show you my "personal sniffing park.")
There are shelters, play areas for children, a pond, ups and downs in the middle of the place for climbing and sniffing, ball fields, picnic places (good for sniffing, if you can get your human to stop for a while . . . )
I think this is a park favorite place.
When it's time to celebrate schools, this shelter is packed with balloons, cooking food, kids singing and enjoying the day.

There are paths that pass by the shelters.
Mom makes sure i get to see,
then guides us back to places that remind her of the mountains.

look!  the grass is getting green.

Okay, I need to go.
Mom may take us here today before chores.
She takes "the long way" in the car with windows down.
We take slower roads,
so we can sniff the air
and see the sights.

There's a suggestion
that we may go
to "the cookie store"
and get some Big Cookies
for me.

so, bye now!
the pupster.

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