Friday, April 27, 2018

Beautiful Day

It is so lovely today
the weather forecast encouraged,
"Lunch Outside Today!"
This is one of the "corporate picnic areas" in Queeny Park.
There is even pick up service on days like this, for people driven to return to work on time.
Have you read This Article on lunching in Spain? 
One more thing.
A local journalist asked people for tips on "Best Bubble Gum Songs."
Reading responses, the readers understood the question to be about
a type. or era of music.
I submitted this:
gotta go . . . got books . . . and imagination to share
love & love,

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Into the Woods . . . .

We have new walking gear - and we know how to use it.

We have chosen one of the nature trails in the sculpture park.  
I KNOW this resembles ancient ruins.  
It's really artwork.  
Kinda cool, hm?

We tend to choose less traveled, less populated paths . . . 

We were happy to find this spring house again.  
The first time we spotted it is was covered in ice and snow . . . 
this time was warmer and the terrain offered easier walking choices.

Here's a better view.  
Before plumbing as we know it, people created places to collect fresh water.  
That's what this was.  
There's lots of rivers close . . . so, plenty of fresh streams.  

This time we could see several trails.  
Next time, perhaps we'll travel up this one.  

We chose a teeny bridge across the steam. 
 It was thrilling, the path did not look well traveled, 
it was an adventure to find our way home again.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Thursday Morning Stroll

Thursday Morning Stroll.

New Walking Gear.  We are on our way.

Unexpected Surprise.  
First Lake of the Day.
Lovely View.

That bench has a good view.

Second Lake.
Later in the year there will be water flowers all over.

The Woods . . . think Spring is a rumor.

Mom, Let's walk THAT trail.

Eventually we'll climb that beautiful hill.
Six miles safely - before the day warms up.