Sunday, April 22, 2018

Into the Woods . . . .

We have new walking gear - and we know how to use it.

We have chosen one of the nature trails in the sculpture park.  
I KNOW this resembles ancient ruins.  
It's really artwork.  
Kinda cool, hm?

We tend to choose less traveled, less populated paths . . . 

We were happy to find this spring house again.  
The first time we spotted it is was covered in ice and snow . . . 
this time was warmer and the terrain offered easier walking choices.

Here's a better view.  
Before plumbing as we know it, people created places to collect fresh water.  
That's what this was.  
There's lots of rivers close . . . so, plenty of fresh streams.  

This time we could see several trails.  
Next time, perhaps we'll travel up this one.  

We chose a teeny bridge across the steam. 
 It was thrilling, the path did not look well traveled, 
it was an adventure to find our way home again.

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  1. I can just smell Spring in your park. What a place of wonder to explore and discover. I hope it gets lots of families to giggle in there.