Monday, May 28, 2018

Here we are . . .

My next door neighbor visits a lot.
He plays in our back yard, he always pays attention when my mom talks . . . 
This morning Mom & I took long morning walk. 
We left so early we could cross the super busy road because no cars were there, yet.
That's Early.
When we returned, my neighbor friend was waiting to ask if he could come visit.
We didn't see any of his people,
 so he came inside, 
visited our yard, 
had a cookie . . 
then, Mom walked him back home . . in case his parents were worried.
It was kinda fun - like an extra bit of happy to start the day.

Yes, i got a cookie, too.

Happy Extra Walk Day!
the pupster

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Good Morning Greentree . . .

 Sometimes Park Rangers take time to tell me about favorite places.
I always visit and when i see my friends again i thank them and tell them my favorite parts.

Last week Mom took us to Green Tree Park.
There's a new path behind the ball courts.

Mom let's us look around.

The provided trail is smaller than some places we go.
(so we take "extra steps" all around . . . )

Here's a flower for Mom.

Happy Walking,

"The Pupster"

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sniffing Park

Hey There!  Mia here.
(Yes, Mom calls me 'the pupster' 
ya gotta love her protective instinct.)

SO, I've convinced Mom to sometimes carry the teeny camera.
Then, i gotta remember to tell you about Good, Better, Best Pupster Adventures.

Close to my house is a small
super-duper small
We have a special rule for this park.
I'm allowed to sniff.

We walk together . . . we are supposed to keep moving, not stop and savor the smell . . 
I request a sniff pretty often . . . so, Mom made adjustments . . .
 sometimes she'll walk real slow so I can catch a whiff . . . 
OR, she'll stand still for a slow count of 5 . . .
 BUT . . . in the "Sniffing Park"  I get to inspect, smell, savor as long as i want . . . 
it's a good idea.)
When I was a baby I used to play on the playground.
There's a tunnel and a slide i used  to enjoy.
After a while, I preferred to sniff.
Wouldn't YOU?
There's a little hill approach to one side of the Sniffing Park.  
The park is one corner lot of a block. 
There's a shelter.  We wait under under rain storms.
There are swings, and other things to play on.  Underneath all the equipment the ground is cushy padded stuff.  It's funny to walk on.
There were more trees, but they crashed.
The park rangers keep finding ways to protect the little house next door.
The park rangers are really nice.
They make every park . . . awesome.
Here's the entrance right by the little house next door.
Here's the hill on the other side of the sniffing park.

gotta go
but, I'll be back soon
because there's plenty of walks to share with you.

The Pupster