Monday, July 9, 2018

The Bug Store

Sun was coming up on The Bug Store.
 Downtown Kirkwood, Missouri seems like a quaint village.
Many shops are housed in re-purposed buildings.

 Yes, things are left out like this 24/7.

The shop is full of colorful stuff.
Art, Items to wear, or decorate your home.

There's a Kid section.
They also have garden experts . . . 
They have a weekly radio program . . . and once a year they give away cookies 
with buggy creatures in them.
Yes, I've seen them.
No!  i haven;t wanted to try them.


Bobbie Gentry & Donovan sing "Bugs"
Live from BBC Television Show 
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  1. ...NEAT! What a great tune and that building is to die for! Bobbie Gentry & Donovan, this is just great. Thanks for sharing, I hope the you have another Foto Tune in mind😀

  2. Georgy, interesting duo - Bobbie Gentry & Donovan. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. A new skin for an old and well known blog?
    Stuff like that is always good for intense looking at.
    Have similiar photos for my tomorrow's post...

  5. Anyplace that gives away free cookies is alright with me. I'm guessing there are some real bugs that like this place as much as the kids do.