Monday, May 6, 2019

The Garden Song

We are looking forward to garden adventures.

Peter, Paul & Mary
"The Garden Song"
from Peter, Paul & Mommy Too Concert

love & love,

Catching up to Tom's Foto Tunes


  1. What a lovely song (never heard before)!
    That really makes us looking forward to the garden season.
    Enjoy the sprintime

  2. I was curious as I'd never heard of the Garden Song. Funny coincidence, my husband just mentioned Pete Seegar 2 nights ago (he thought he was still alive and 100, but both those facts are wrong. Bruce Springsteen had put up a photo of them together.)

  3. ...Georgi, I haven't this tune in years, thanks a bunch! I may borrow this one in the future. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy!