Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The year of "suddenly."

Now it is "Suddenly" chilly
and will rain heavily for a day or so

It's okay.
My pup and i are happy walking trails
wet or dry

Here's a peek from a Fall Garden Visit
Surely this "Suddenly" 
will cause a new season to display

Last visit I found myself interested in pathways
as you can imagine
in a large, world class botanical garden
there are plenty of pathways
i suppose life is a little like that
but - this thought is too big for me today
 I did stop in a new exhibit.
the people were nice
surprised to see me
i was glad to get back outside
(perhaps a story for another day - okay, maybe not 😉)
Thank you for taking time to visit today

see you soon.

love & love.


  1. ...a beautiful spot to enjoy. Your rain is headed out way!

  2. lovely words....
    we are getting daily rain in the southern state as well

    # beautiful views.....great shots

  3. Wonderful botanical garden... would like to visit! oh yeah, the yeas was flowing so fast, to fast in this one, but I take it thankful.
    Have a lovely time of silence