Monday, January 6, 2020

Walkin' My Pupster - Babler

This way

We drove past all the buildings to a State Park.  People call it Babler Park.  It's named after Dr. Edmund A, Babler.  The place is large and we'll enjoy visiting over & over again.
That way

There are super Steep Hills and some challenging trails.

There's Camping, and Parks and . . Learning Centers . . the visitor center was closed for the season  . . . peeking inside it looks like there's a lot to discover.

Let's Just Go!

I haven't found a picture of Dr. Babler.  People love and respect him. His obituary tells a mighty story of service.  Here's the link.

We'll visit several times
and report back.

It's always good to walk with your "Bestie."

George Benson
"Walking My Baby Back Home"


  1. ...I hope that you had a good time walking your baby home! What a cool tunes, it swings! Thanks Georgy for sharing, music sure was great back then.

  2. You have a great walking buddy to explore the park and there are so many things you can enjoy. Thanks so much for your visit.