Sunday, July 26, 2020

Crazy Pencils . . .

Pretty sure I've already told you about my
"Crazy Pencils"
they make me laugh a lot.
they are Tri-Tone
just like it sounds, each pencil has three colors
so, the outcome
or even the coloring experience
is joyful.

I had a first time project
I'd been dreaming up for a while
Really simple . . except it required new skills
Once I had it finished and in my hand
I rewarded myself
by pulling out my
"Crazy Pencils"


Henry Hall with the BBC Dance Orchestra

'The Sun Has Got His Hat On'

Original 1932 78 rpm

love & love,

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Wonderful Gifts . . .

 Got to stop by the Post Office to retrieve a packet.  
Saw a gentleman get off his bicycle and carry a package inside . . . 
We were both early and enjoyed some conversation. 
 It was The Best.  

He used to bike all over the country . . . 
He told me about a trail hosted by the Park System along the East Coast . . . 
He'd take his kids, 
camp along the way . . 
 enjoy nature and community events being held . . . 
I'd never heard of this . . . sure sounds lovely.

We spoke about current events - that hurt many of us at our core.
He shared his recent opportunity to visit Normandy.
Just the word brought tears to our eyes.
Imagine two people meeting in a Post Office and sharing like this.

We spoke about Times and Hope and Faith.

When the Post Office Officially Opened, he insisted I go first.

My packet was unexpected . . filled with Treasure . . . 
So was the Conversation.
Blessings Abound.

Oh yes, he wore a hat like this: