Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Traveler

 This is my first try - and it's in my "kickin' around book."

This bird reminds me of portraits of medieval knights without their armor.

The photo was in a tiny news blurb.

It's a Sea Bird that has found ItSelf by a river in Missouri.

No one in Modern History remembers seeing one like this in their region.

 It isn't concerned by people.

It's fishing and taking proper care of itself.

Conservationists say a storm must have blown it off course.

I'll draw it again a few times . . . and learn about the species. . . simply because . . . 

How Cool Is That?

Monday, August 3, 2020

Sketch Book Time Travel

Saying hello to my new sketchbook. 
Took a "tour" of ancient California" with help from Atlas Obscura . . .
learned about 'geoglyphs'
(who knew?)
art left for us so large we couldn't see it until helicopters could fly over . . .
ancient rock sketches,
2nd oldest tree on earth, (until more are discovered 🙂) petrified forests . . .
and, look, brave me making the graphic of the open page - large enough for you to see. . .

The Chambers Brothers
"Traveling Shoes"

love & love,