Monday, August 3, 2020

Sketch Book Time Travel

Saying hello to my new sketchbook. 
Took a "tour" of ancient California" with help from Atlas Obscura . . .
learned about 'geoglyphs'
(who knew?)
art left for us so large we couldn't see it until helicopters could fly over . . .
ancient rock sketches,
2nd oldest tree on earth, (until more are discovered 🙂) petrified forests . . .
and, look, brave me making the graphic of the open page - large enough for you to see. . .

The Chambers Brothers
"Traveling Shoes"

love & love,


  1. Cool new sketch book (good luck with it) and a great song - I've searched the written lyrics to understand, because I've learned all my little English only by reading/writing and not by speaking and hearing - that's the problem!
    Thanks for your email, I still haven't answered, because such a lot to do after the end of a mom-life, sigh!
    Happy time travel and new week

  2. ...Georgy, I need to listen to the Chambers Brothers more often, thank for the reminder! California sure that a bunch of treasures to enjoy, Atlas Obscura is neat. Thanks for joining the party, please come back.