Saturday, November 21, 2020


From "Tree Frog"  (four years ago on YouTube)

Jim Pepper was a Native American from the Cree Nation. he was the first Native American Jazz musician,.He put this group "Everything is Everything" together for a one shot deal and it almost charted in the "Pop" charts.. He is also considered one of the first jazz musicians to blend the elements of jazz and rock in the early 60's..Pepper has a rather extensive jazz catalog, sax & flute being his main ax's . An amazing player and writer. Sadly we lost him in the early 1990's to cancer. I had the honor to work with his bass player for a few years in the late 70's . I swear people have covered this song more times then Elton John has re-written " Candles"
Still, one of my favorites . . . we sang it together in concerts . . . and were happy.

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