Saturday, January 23, 2021

Gotta Renew The Habit . . .

Note to self:
carry the camera
use it.

Lately I drive a circular route.
One direction is business after business
looking pretty much the same

The other direction is super interesting.
There's a place I stop for coffee
 a park
I thought the pupster would enjoy.

This morning we headed out 
with a short chore list and
an exploration of
It is marvelous!
The trail is only a mile around.
(We are accustomed to many miles at a time - but, this walk is really nice!)
There are horses, and kids and trees and a pond
and it wasn't packed because the morning was cold.

This is "Good Girl."
(Mom always tells people I am a "good girl"
she gives me "good girl cookies.")

We walked here.
It was great.
I want to go again.
Then we went to the car wash 
I got to pick my own treat.

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  1. can be hard to take good pictures and it's impossible if you don't have your camera with you!