Sunday, May 23, 2021

Gettin' Better


This place was worth finding.
It's a little park in Saint Louis County.
The kind people of  "Town & Country, MO."
purchased some old, original homes and moved them to this property
and created a lovely place for families to enjoy.

Here's my park partner.  
We especially enjoy the trails.

Today the "teeny trails" have the promise of children playing.

Hello, Tom!
It's "Gettin' Better All The Time!"
The Beatles.





  1. What a wonderful spot. So nice that the old vintage homes were saved and refurbished. Getting better all the time!

  2. Love that song by the Beatles. In fact I love all their songs! Looks like a lovely peacful place. I like the Welcome arch.

  3. Lovely place, undoubtedly. Tho whenever I hear "Town and Country", I first think of a truck. Because #Capitalism, right? Lol. Best regards. I like your blog.