Sunday, August 7, 2022

Bringin' the Sun Up & - Ella Wheeler Willcox -

It's taken a loong time for me to find this music file
remember how to share
(guitar & vocal)
Some time ago
with another musician playing flute
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox-


 The pupster & I remembered to power up and carry our teeny camera
attempting to get ourselves "back on track."

I'm from the Southwest.
Even though I've been in the Midwest
a very looong time
I'm still amazed at the humidity,
LOTS of water here - 
rivers, creeks - 
Stuff Grows

This is the back yard of a friendly looking church.


Look!  They even have a bench, 
I wonder how surprised they would be to find us resting there.

Actually, we were using the back tip of their property
to cut over to this pond.
We're going to walk around
and watch the sun come up.

Happy Day to YOU!

love & love,

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