Hey There! 

My name is Georgy – like the song, “Hey there, Georgy Girl” – d’ya know it?  I especially like the whistling bit in the song.  Maybe you’ve never heard it.  Well, never mind.  It’s George – with an E sound not George with an “ah” sound, like the state.  Although, we are typing and not singing or speaking to each other – so, what’s in a name anyway, hm?

I’m a “21st Century Maggid.”  Know what that is?  Me either, although I spent a long time studying to become one and an entire community of people came on the day it was announced.  We had some really swell cake afterwards and I got presents.  I’m still self-defining, so I’ll get back to you on that.

I share my life with a big fluffy dog named Mia.  She is part Great Pyrenees and part Anatolian Shepherd.  She’s Tall.  We are overseen by a Multicolored Kitty Kat.  She came from the Animal Protective Adoption Center.  She makes a good boss. These creatures are super spoiled.  I have no idea how that happened.

I am silver headed with chubby knees.

I may not know where I am, but continue to insist:  “I’m not lost . . I am exploring.”  Thank you for visiting.

Happy Hi-De-Ho to YOU!

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