My original plan was to go to Scotland and meet a friend I didn’t know, yet.  Still haven’t been to Scotland.  Every day I hope Whoever I might have met is having the Best Life Ever.

I got here by saying “YES” to a friend who requested a rather large favor.  When I arrived, my skill-set was Exactly what was needed to accomplish the task, so I stayed to help.

It happened a long ago and worked out “okay” but, as an on-going story-line, it certainly lacked luster.  I supported myself by traveling, singing and playing guitar.  Since Saint Louis is halfway to “Anywhere, Mainland, USA,”  I got to see most of the nation while continuing to be a support where it seemed I was needed.

Now I feel stranded.

I suspect it is Time for a Quest.

I have already begun by looking for hope and a future.  
I suspect Hope will take us Splendid Places.
 Suddenly I am excited about the future.  You are invited to share the adventure.

I’ll begin with Comfy Shoes, a Great Attitude, Enthusiastic Inquisitiveness, and Loads of Inspiration.

I’ll remember freedom, choose again
Expect to be Changed.

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