Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hi There!!!

I have a teacher who reminds students
when we start a new point of learning
things get weird, disappointing

She promises
when our new information integrates
it will be nifty


I am taking a gesture course
It's way fun
We've done wacky things
in order to "see" in a new way

We've drawn people like flour sacks
in silhouette
using "negative space"
my next assignment is drawing like a tornado

I imagine a world
where we gather together, sing
and heal the world
just sayin'

love & love,

Saturday, May 23, 2020


Two Months? Already? Wow!!! 
I trust you are all well and happy
wherever in the world you are

Everything is absolutely awesome here
I Should have told you sooner 

Somehow, life for me picked up
I've been "almost-like-a-cartoon-kind-of"  busy
from the first moment "stay-at-home"
was announced.

Who Knew?

The only thing different about me
I now have a collection of bandannas
I'm able to watch my favorite cowboy shows on Saturday Morning

Here's a musical selection for today:

"She's Got It"
Sam Lanin & His Orchestra 

You've "Got It," too!

love & love,

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Goodness All Around

Stuff everywhere seems different
Makes it Easier to See
All The Goodness

There's an animal shelter 
drawing pictures of pets
for any kind of donation

This is Benji - 
 excited to wear new goggles 
so he could ride with his dad.

Students drawing pictures
 of places to visit


Hope you are finding
plenty of Fabulous
All Around.

(georgy art)
30 day shut-down to outwit whatever

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Waiting for Warm

Like everyone else
I'm waiting for Warm.

The beginning of the week it was almost 70 degrees.
The pupster and i walked some looong trails.
(yep. forgot to carry a camera . . . sigh)
Two days later the roads are covered in ice
and we wait for our next outing.

Listening to a talk
Grabbed some colored pencils
and got carried away.
my brain started squakin'
"put the pencils down!"


Monday, January 6, 2020

Walkin' My Pupster - Babler

This way

We drove past all the buildings to a State Park.  People call it Babler Park.  It's named after Dr. Edmund A, Babler.  The place is large and we'll enjoy visiting over & over again.
That way

There are super Steep Hills and some challenging trails.

There's Camping, and Parks and . . Learning Centers . . the visitor center was closed for the season  . . . peeking inside it looks like there's a lot to discover.

Let's Just Go!

I haven't found a picture of Dr. Babler.  People love and respect him. His obituary tells a mighty story of service.  Here's the link.

We'll visit several times
and report back.

It's always good to walk with your "Bestie."

George Benson
"Walking My Baby Back Home"

Wednesday, December 25, 2019