Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Garden

 The Garden is Open

My invitation to return

A few places remain closed - for now
Most of all I wanted to visit the grove
of Dawn Redwood Trees.

Rain started to pour down.

I was rewarded with complete shelter.
Safe and Warm

"Safe & Warm"




Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Traveler

 This is my first try - and it's in my "kickin' around book."

This bird reminds me of portraits of medieval knights without their armor.

The photo was in a tiny news blurb.

It's a Sea Bird that has found ItSelf by a river in Missouri.

No one in Modern History remembers seeing one like this in their region.

 It isn't concerned by people.

It's fishing and taking proper care of itself.

Conservationists say a storm must have blown it off course.

I'll draw it again a few times . . . and learn about the species. . . simply because . . . 

How Cool Is That?

Monday, August 3, 2020

Sketch Book Time Travel

Saying hello to my new sketchbook. 
Took a "tour" of ancient California" with help from Atlas Obscura . . .
learned about 'geoglyphs'
(who knew?)
art left for us so large we couldn't see it until helicopters could fly over . . .
ancient rock sketches,
2nd oldest tree on earth, (until more are discovered 🙂) petrified forests . . .
and, look, brave me making the graphic of the open page - large enough for you to see. . .

The Chambers Brothers
"Traveling Shoes"

love & love,

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Crazy Pencils . . .

Pretty sure I've already told you about my
"Crazy Pencils"
they make me laugh a lot.
they are Tri-Tone
just like it sounds, each pencil has three colors
so, the outcome
or even the coloring experience
is joyful.

I had a first time project
I'd been dreaming up for a while
Really simple . . except it required new skills
Once I had it finished and in my hand
I rewarded myself
by pulling out my
"Crazy Pencils"


Henry Hall with the BBC Dance Orchestra

'The Sun Has Got His Hat On'

Original 1932 78 rpm

love & love,

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Wonderful Gifts . . .

 Got to stop by the Post Office to retrieve a packet.  
Saw a gentleman get off his bicycle and carry a package inside . . . 
We were both early and enjoyed some conversation. 
 It was The Best.  

He used to bike all over the country . . . 
He told me about a trail hosted by the Park System along the East Coast . . . 
He'd take his kids, 
camp along the way . . 
 enjoy nature and community events being held . . . 
I'd never heard of this . . . sure sounds lovely.

We spoke about current events - that hurt many of us at our core.
He shared his recent opportunity to visit Normandy.
Just the word brought tears to our eyes.
Imagine two people meeting in a Post Office and sharing like this.

We spoke about Times and Hope and Faith.

When the Post Office Officially Opened, he insisted I go first.

My packet was unexpected . . filled with Treasure . . . 
So was the Conversation.
Blessings Abound.

Oh yes, he wore a hat like this:


Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Hi There!!!

I have a teacher who reminds students
when we start a new point of learning
things get weird, disappointing

She promises
when our new information integrates
it will be nifty


I am taking a gesture course
It's way fun
We've done wacky things
in order to "see" in a new way

We've drawn people like flour sacks
in silhouette
using "negative space"
my next assignment is drawing like a tornado

I imagine a world
where we gather together, sing
and heal the world
just sayin'

love & love,

Saturday, May 23, 2020


Two Months? Already? Wow!!! 
I trust you are all well and happy
wherever in the world you are

Everything is absolutely awesome here
I Should have told you sooner 

Somehow, life for me picked up
I've been "almost-like-a-cartoon-kind-of"  busy
from the first moment "stay-at-home"
was announced.

Who Knew?

The only thing different about me
I now have a collection of bandannas
I'm able to watch my favorite cowboy shows on Saturday Morning

Here's a musical selection for today:

"She's Got It"
Sam Lanin & His Orchestra 

You've "Got It," too!

love & love,